Friday, February 19, 2016

Spring Wish List

Spring has sprung! Well, sort of (...I say this mainly because I don't know if it's actually
Spring or not. Probably not).

I saw the first blossom tree a week or so ago! And now I'm seeing them everywhere.
Which is awesome because as much as I like autumn and winter, the trees are bare and
branches are only pretty to a certain extent.
Also, I'm seeing lots of daffodils growing. Though not quite grown yet, they're getting there.

So I thought I'd create a Spring wish list and share it with you! I've seen some lovely
Spring themed things in the shops lately.
For Spring, I'm liking pale colours. Light blues, light greens, light pinks. And light florals.
Flowy dresses. Lace. Bows. And all those lovely things.

The shoes are a definite favourite. I like brown-ish/nude coloured shoes for Spring.
And midi skirts, because Spring is slightly warmer so you can just about bare not having
to wear knit tights or jeans.

Also sorry for my absence, I've missed a few days of the makeup challenge.
But I took a few days to gain sanity, become less busy and catch up with a few things.

I'll be back posting photos for the makeup challenge from Monday.
(I won't be starting again, I'll be carrying on from Day 20, or wherever we're up to etc. 
but obviously it won't be photos from the days I missed, it'll be Monday onwards).

I hope you have a great weekend!
What are your Spring staples? Let me know below! :)

♥ - Fay

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