Monday, February 15, 2016

♥ Valentines Day // OOTD ♥

I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day/Weekend!
This Valentines Day OOTD comes to you from my bathroom because we 
forgot to take photos before we went out (and my lighting sucks at night so it's literally 
impossible to do it anywhere else other than the bathroom).

Either way, in the run up to valentines day I bought two midi skirts from boohoo 
(hello short girl problems, when midi skirts are basically maxi skirts on you) and I was 
actually planning on wearing the other one (just plain white) but ended up wearing this one 
instead... because I ended up planning an entire different outfit in my head.
I tend to stay away from any other skirts apart from mini's because, as I said, 
I'm pretty damn short and they just don't look good on me, but I love this one!

I definitely wasn't planning on buying shoes (...for once) but I got these for £15 which is 
amazing. They're so cute! And comfy! Which is an amazing plus.
I also picked up this cute heart necklace from New Look :) kinda perfect for V-day.

I didn't take a photo of my present because I wasn't online much,
but I got a big heart shaped box full of Sanctuary Spa things for Valentines Day!
(which equals 100% happiness, I'm pretty sure)
It has the White Lily & Damask Rose body wash in! Which is my favourite smell
since I got it at christmas.

Here are the full details of my outfit:

Top - New Look
Necklace - New Look
Skirt - Boohoo
Shoes - Deichmann

I also forgot to take a photo of my nails, but they were 'Let's Be friends', 'Charmmy & Sugar' and 
'Spoken from the heart' from the Hello Kitty OPI Collection.

What did you do this Valentines day?
I hope you had fun!

♥ - Fay


  1. Beautiful outfit! Very Valentine's day. :) Loooove those shoes and that necklace is so cute! :))
    Answering you question, Me and my bf were outside having a 10km long walk by the seaside and managed to reach the lighthouse in the end of a breakwater. :) Yeey! Little pic here, if you are extra noisy :))
    Have a great day-after-Valentines evening! :)

  2. Love those shoes and that skirt is gorgeous!
    Boo hoo have such a great range

  3. love the shoes - and dress - love the bathroom lighting too