Monday, January 25, 2016

#100DaysofMakeup - Day 1 + 2 //

Recently, a few #100daysofmakeup posts have been popping up on my instagram feed.
And so in a bid to defeat my make up related laziness I thought I'd start sharing some more 
make up looks, hopefully for 100 days.
But I can't promise there won't be a bunch of cat flicks and smokey eyes though...

Today's look (day #2) is ultimately rushed, which explains why there's only one photo of it, because 
I had to get up early to meet my sister and was running late.
I'm awful at doing my make up in a rush and prefer to take a ridiculous amount of time 
doing it instead.
There's no effortless, so uber talented-at-doing-make up that I don't need a instagram filter 
going on here, haha!


Day #1:

Face: Camera Ready BB Cream in 'Fair' // Smashbox

Heaven & Earth Palette // MUA
Big Eyes Mascara // Maybelline

Lips: Flawless by Sonya Delicious Lipstick in 'Watermelon'

Day #2:

Tornado + Sin // Urban Decay
Lash Sensational Mascara // Maybelline
Expression Pencil Eyeliner // Maybelline

Bonus photo of Leo helping take nail photos...

 ♥ - Fay

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