Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Favourites

I will most probably say this about every month for the next 12 months and be super annoying, but, I 
can't believe January is almost over! 
The beginning of January always goes pretty slow for me, which I'm kinda thankful for because I'm grasping that a whole new year has just begun.
But mainly this month went super fast!

The flat is getting there now, it's almost completely done.
I finally bought curtains! - I moved into here in September but failed to buy curtains until 
now and I'm pretty sure that's another thing to put on the 'failing as an adult' list. 
But I blame being in a top floor flat for that, with no one really able to see in my windows, 
I didn't class curtains as a high priority.
I have silver/grey curtains in the living room and purple/sparkly curtains in the bedroom.
The kittens unfortunately think the curtains are for playing cat-olympics on or something, 
but they haven't come down yet so that's always good.
And we're getting new furniture/storage so the bedroom doesn't look like a riot 
has happened in it.
My wardrobe can't cope with my online shopping....
and then there's the shoe situation.

But anyway, here's a few of my favourite things this month...

I'm not really a bag person, but well, I kinda need one. Because
1. Women's clothing has tiny pockets or zero pockets.
2. I have too much shit I insist on carrying around.

Just after Christmas I bought a new one from Primark in the sale
which is awesome but I wanted one that goes with pretty much all my outfits.
(...I don't want, like, 100 bags)
So recently I bought this lovely bag from Avon for £12. It's by Lipsy and is the
most ridiculously beautiful rose gold colour! Thankfully my new purse just about fits inside it.
But eventually I'll probably have to buy a smaller one so I can actually fit other stuff inside my
bag, haha.

When I moved in I was super pleased that the bathroom had a nice, deep bath in it so I 
could take more bubble baths!
I recently bought this bubble bath from Avon, it's Vanilla and Orchid and smells soo good.
Do you ever find the smell kinda disappears when you put bubble bath in? Or is that just me?
But this one has such a lovely smell that really lasts too.

Super pretty shoes from H&M! I'm always excited when I find flat shoes that are 
actually really pretty. I can't walk in heels to save. my. life. So, often, I just wear 

A few days ago I found out there's a Hello Kitty OPI collection?!
I, of course, want to buy the whole collection but my bank account would probably
explode if I did that, so I painfully chose 3 favourite colours that I'm hoping to post a
review of soon!

Other little favourite things this month:  This rad light in my living room, ♥ This super 
cute tea/coffee/sugar storage set in my kitchen, This £1 top from primark (!!) ♥ The Red Rose 
and Peach body lotion from Avon, which smells soo good! ♥

What have you been loving this month? :)

♥ - Fay

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